Day Trading Workshop

26 Jul 2022 jam 11:01 AM
27 Jul 2022 jam 11:01 AM
T-HUB By Tokocrypto
No.1 Gang Daksina

My name is Millad Kakar (28 years old) and my friend is Sophie van Doorn (23 years old). We are both from the Netherlands and just moved to Canggu, Bali. We both are graduated from the University, but at the same time we are also fulltime day traders and entrepreneurs. We have built a successful trading community with like-minded people in the Netherlands. Together with the Belgium community, our trading community consists of almost 2000 members. Our passion and skillset is community building and we like to participate in the great potential of Tokocrypto. We already met a lot of members of Tokocrypto and they were very excited about hearing more about day trading. Both of us love Bali and we came here with the intention to enjoy the good vibes and build another successful trading community. A community that helps each other with daytrading in stocks, crypto, forex, commidities, NFTs. In order to build this kind of community, hosting events/workshops are key.

We will give a detailed introduction to day trading in the financial markets. With day trading you don’t need to hold coins or currencies, but you can gain profits by placing buy and sell orders for a short term. We will talk about the big players in the markets and how THEY gain profits on retail traders. Also why participating in a trading community is essential in order to be successful trader.

What People Will Learn / Get:

• Introduction to day trading

• The New Economy

• Trading community is essential

• The Big Players in the markets

• Why it is hard for a retail trader to become a consistent and profitable trader.

• The psychology behind trading.

Event lain: